Michael Hewes

Vision. Excellence. Trust. 

These three words define my approach towards making images.

As a kid this thing called vision began to first, literally, emerge. I would stare in awe, as my Dads’ Polaroid photos would magically appear. I spent those early photographic years documenting life – family gatherings, adventure-driven friends, and making art - wherever I could.

This young obsession of mine has evolved to a level of committed excellence. In my 20’s I began shooting commercial assignments and from that point on I’ve been refining, imagining and re-inventing my craft. Everything I’ve seen, heard and felt has contributed to this unique and fluid perspective.

Now, two decades later, I am an experienced image-maker. I work with the latest tools of my trade to craft 3D Design, Video and Photography, which, ultimately, inspires trust.  The body of work I’ve created spans from commercial assignments to conceptual stock photography .  People, Objects and Locations combine threads that bind together for great imagery. Dramatic composition, color with unique light create my unique look.

Michael Hewes is a creative motion visual artist based in Sacramento, California.  He has worked with Fortune 500 Companies such as Hewlett-Packard, American Express and Microsoft.  His stock work is currently available at Getty Images. Michael was an instructor at the Seattle Art Institute and Brooks Institute. He continues to exhibit art exhibitions in Los Angeles, Seattle, Ventura, Reno and now Sacramento, CA.

Time Lapse stills are a continued direction of mine.  The moody, ethereal photographic series focuses on urban scenes captured in time-lapsed succession. The final visual is created with layers of light and color – literally a merging of moments.”